“Oh! I Understand Why That Kid Cries Now” Thursday April 20, 2017

38239518 I met with the parent of my crybaby today. This kid cries over everything: if he can’t figure out how to do a problem, if he hurts himself, if I scold him for talking in class.

And I really have no patience for crying. I think the kid is 8 years old. There’s no reason to cry. I mean, I cry a lot. But I’m a woman. And it’s usually because I’m hormonal or just watched a Nicholas Spark movie.

Whatever. The point is I didn’t cut this kid any slack. When he cries I usually say, “This is completely inappropriate behavior. You need to compose yourself.”

His mom said that the crying is something new. She thinks it’s because his grandmother has been in and out of the hospital. His grandmother was the one that watched all the kids before and after school. Well, she has 3-stage cancer or something and has been on hospice all month.

And I’m like, “I’m really sorry to hear that. I didn’t know.”200_s

And I didn’t know! How the fuck was I supposed to know that the kid’s grandmother is dying?! Of course the kid is overly sensitive! And what a fucking asshole I am!

But I get the lesson I’m supposed to learn. Our students’ home lives are not like ours. We need to be aware that they’re dealing with personal stuff, too.

I’m dealing with personal stuff. I’m fucking pregnant. But I can’t cry at school. Ug.


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