“A Tale of a Forgotten Lunch” Tuesday April 18, 2017

Gather around, readers, and I’ll tell you a story that will remind you how important it is to always be nice to the person at the front desk. (Disclaimer: this story was told to me second-hand, but I believe every word of it)

A student’s mother walks into the office and she’s clearly in a hurry and disgruntled. The secretary at the front desk is on the phone talking to a different disgruntled parent. The mother rudely says, “Uh… Hello?! Anybody work here?”

The secretary holds up one finger to the mother so she can finish with the parent on the phone.

The mother goes, “Oh, you did NOT just hold your finger up to me like that!”

Our secretary finishes up her phone call and politely asks, “How can I help you?”

The mother replies, “Yeah, my son, Darnell, forgot his lunch today. I need y’all to give him one of those free lunches the poor kids get.”

Note: the woman didn’t give any pleasantries, she didn’t use any manners, hell, she didn’t even ask.

Now, our school has plenty of extra sack lunches. I have no idea what’s in them, but I do know that every morning a big box of sack lunches gets dropped off and kids on the Free and Reduced Lunch Plans get well-fed. There are always plenty of extras that can be used just in case a kid forgets his lunch. Exactly like Darnell did.

My school may have many horrible things about it, but letting kids go hungry is not one of them.

However, the secretary isn’t under any obligation to follow the demands of this horrible she-witch in front of her. So the secretary says, “I’m sorry, those lunches are reserved. I can’t be giving them out. Then some other student will go without a lunch.”

The mother replies, now more upset, “Whatchoo all do when kids forget d-eir lunches, then?”

The secretary was prepared for this. She says, “Most students realize they forgot their lunch in the morning. We usually call the parents and have them bring it in.”

The mother: “I ain’t got no time to bring no lunch to nobody!”94d74643939cd685a54ae8065ce91cd3f66a8aa727239585983bd879b07b2793

Secretary: “I’m not sure what that means. Do you have time to bring him a lunch?”

The mother: “FINE! What time he eat lunch at?”

Secretary: “I believe Darnell’s class eats at 11:30.

The mother leaves. She does come back before his lunchtime and drops off McDonald’s.

But let that be a lesson to parents everywhere. Secretaries are more powerful than you.


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