“The Last Day of Break” Friday April 14, 2017

635941308855833459-393805507_spring break is overBreaks always take so long to get here and then they go by so quickly. I don’t want to go back to work on Monday. I don’t miss my students. I’m miserable. I didn’t plan all the way through June like I had envisioned. Although, I can’t since I’m still waiting on my co-teachers to put up their share. I have next week planned out, which is pretty nice.

Next week isn’t even a full week. Wednesday the students don’t have school because of Parent-teacher conferences. Those conferences are a joke. The only parents that show up are the parents that have fairly good kids. Which I guess is self-explanatory.

Ug. I’m tired and feel nauseous. Those stupid pre-natal vitamins make me sick. I’m going to bed. Good night.


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