“More Wedding Plans Made!” Sunday April 2, 2017

b8f291fc81bc4bd8c7e4845a8f5ed166I’m feeling good today! Johnny and I made progress this weekend nailing down more wedding plans. Considering we’re having a June wedding and it’s already April we’re lucky that we were able to lock everything down.

I’m supposed to go dress shopping next weekend. I made some appointments. They have maternity dresses that I can wear no matter what size I am.

A family friend is going to be our photographer. He’s only done one or two other weddings, but the pictures turned out really good.

We decided to just use our laptop and the hotel’s sound equipment instead of booking a DJ.

I ordered flowers from the local florist and the hotel gave us a discount to go through their bakery partner for the cake.

I can’t believe how much of the wedding came together! We printed out the invitations ourselves and and got them all stuffed and labeled. It was a lot of work! Also stamps are really fucking expensive. We asked people to RSVP by text or email. That might get annoying considering we’re having so many people and having 3 dinner choices.

We had to make some last minute additions and 5d593fc57303ced8fd40b89f47656335subtractions. Basically out of town relatives that we really only see at weddings. It sucks. I’d say I don’t give a shit about 80% of the people coming to my wedding. And the arguments are the same for each person: “We have to invite her. She’s my great-aunt’s best friend’s neighbor’s dog sitter! She’d be pissed! I don’t want to start any drama!”

Also friends are tough. I feel like I haven’t kept in touch with my friends from high school. And I lost track of my college friends. But I also don’t want a bunch of old aunts and uncles, either. I want people to dance and have fun!

Of course I’ll be in my 2nd trimester and probably incapable of dancing. Maybe we made a big mistake having a big wedding while I’m pregnant. We should’ve just gone to the courthouse and then had a big reception next year after the baby’s born. Oh well. Wedding on!




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