“What Does a Student Have to Do To Get Kicked Out of School?” Friday March 31, 2017

So in Betty’s class, there’s a student with some “emotional issues.” This student’s home life is totally fucked. From what I’ve heard she lives with her great aunt because her dad’s in jail and her mom’s dead. She also has two older siblings, but I guess her older brother molested her and she had to be taken away.


“She seems okay to go back to class”

Anyway, this student had a very bad day today which culminated in her grabbing a pair of scissors and threatening her teacher. From how Betty told it, she grabbed the teacher scissors from her desk, opened them up, and pointed them at Betty and anybody else not to go near her. Then she screamed that she’s “done with this school” and threw them down and ran out of the class to the office crying.

You’d think, “wow, she had a potentially violent episode, she better be evaluated by a professional psychologist before she’s put back in a room with people she could potentially harm,” right? Wrong! She was back in class that afternoon.

According to what the office told Betty, this student acted out a lot more last year and this outbreak was unusual. Nothing to worry about. They’re going to look really stupid if this student ends up hurting herself or anyone else.

Johnny’s coming over tonight. We haven’t really talked about our last fight where he said our baby is going to ruin his life. That should be fun.


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