“It’s Okay To Hate Some of Your Students” Thursday March 30, 2017

There are some students I can’t stand, but I don’t hate. There is one girl in my class, she rarely gets any work done. But, she has a severe attention disorder. You can watch her trying to focus. She’ll start to work and get distracted by her pencil and start to pick at the eraser. Then she’ll pick something off and study it. Then she’ll shake her head and tell herself to focus. Then she’ll start to write, and start staring at something else, or notice a hair in her face and stop working to look at it. It’s sad. I feel sorry for her because she really does want to finish her work.

tumblr_mezy08dbze1qbm00wo1_500Then there is a student like Tyrese, whom I hate. I hate him because he’s capable of doing work. He doesn’t have a disorder like the other girl. Unless being a total asshole is considered a disorder. Tyrese is malicious in his procrastination and a cancer on my classroom.

I’ll give you a good example. Today I saw him taking mail out of my students’ boxes and putting them back in different boxes. It was during one if his times where he wonders around and I try to ignore him. There’s no reason for him to fuck with my mailboxes, other than to create chaos.

Another thing he loves to do is to steal people’s shit and then pretend to find out and act like a hero.

He also enjoys “borrowing” people’s stuff and then claiming that they gave it to him.

He’s stupid, too. He probably could do the work if he applied himself, but he’s gotten so good at getting out of work that it’s probably easier for him to avoid work than to do the actual work. Also, he’s been in trouble so many times that there really are not any consequences for his actions. Calling his mother isn’t a threat anymore, it’s a daily activity.

The worst part is Tyrese will move on to third grade next year. Even though he failed all his assessments. He should be in Kindergarten. That’s about where is reading level is.

But kids don’t fail teachers anymore; teachers fail kids.



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