“I Haven’t Had A Lunch Break In Weeks” Tuesday March 28, 2017

ch951003I’m sure it’s either a government requirement or it’s in my teaching contract, but I’m sure I’m entitled to at least one 30 minute break per day.

The sad fact is that I never get to eat lunch by myself. I’m either in a meeting, or keeping kids in from recess. You’re probably wondering, “what about when my kids are at specials?” Those times are planning times for my team. Do


we make good use of that time? Not really, no.

But! There is hope for me in the fall. Mrs. Jeffers has been

applying for principal and assistant principal positions and she said that if she gets hired she’ll bring me along. I no it’s a long shot, but I’m grateful just to have that hope. I myself haven’t even been looking for jobs much. I probably would, but like I said, I don’t have a break during the day.

And going all day long without a break is exhausting. I thought I was tired before getting pregnant, but not it’s just brutal. I’m tired and nauseous all day.

I’ve been taking it out on my students, too. That only makes things worse. Because if I was nice to them, they probably wouldn’t act out and I wouldn’t have to keep them in at recess which in turn makes me cranky where I take it out on my kids and continue to keep them in at recess.



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