“Working On Your Birthday” Monday March 27, 2017

2d66c0862e93d404f93d014d1565d23312960d07cb23094e7ef72ac417ec475bI should’ve taken today off. I still have days to use up. It’s not like I can save them for next year since I’m being laid off.

Also it’s Monday! It’s bad enough going to work on a Monday, let alone on your birthday. It’s not like they had a party for me or anything. I didn’t even get a card from my coworkers.

And my students were assholes. Well, actually, just Tyrese. I think since I told them it was my birthday he thought that he could get away with more today. He was wrong. I didn’t have any patience for his shit.

Johnny took me out for deep dish pizza, but I just didn’t have the appetite to eat it. He bought me a really ugly necklace, too.

Ug. What an awful birthday. I’m 24, pregnant, and getting married. My life is over. I’m going to get fat. I’ve decided I’m not going to breastfeed. I don’t want my boobs to get ruined. They’re getting bigger! That’s pretty cool, I guess.

But still! I’m 24 and I’m going to be unemployed and pregnant. I thought pregnant women were supposed to be glowing and happy?

Oh, now that we told our parents I’m pregnant, all of our relatives know too. So I’ve received a ridiculous number of congratulatory messages on Facebook about my birthday and my pregnancy.

At least next year I’ll be too sleep deprived to probably even remember my birthday.


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