“Write My Own Letter of Recommendation?” Friday March 24, 2017

I asked Mrs. Walsh today for a letter of recommendation. I think her official title is Assistant Principal, but I’m not sure since she seems to pull a lot of the IEP students. Anyway, she told me to write something up and she’d sign it. What the hell is that?

63659b6cbab3f3dffa4eee1572219c82231f85d1a834fa286ef327b9c1023c99If I’m going to write my own letter I might as well just write up a letter from Principal Belstead and forge her signature.

I guess it makes sense. Mrs. Walsh is busy and her only real experience with me is taking Tyrese out of my class. But still, doesn’t she have a generic letter of recommendation that she can use?

I’m not very good at self-promotion as it is. Also, I failed my observations so my self-esteem isn’t exactly in a great place right now.

Mrs. Walsh telling me to write my own letter is going to make it weird. I have to write it from an administrator’s point of view. Let me try:

“To Prospective Employers of Jessica Sinclair,

I highly recommend Miss Sinclair as an elementary teacher. Miss Sinclair worked as a long-term substitute teacher during the 2016–2017 school year. She was given the position about a week before the start of school. We gave her the lowest possible wage allowed by the union and did not provide any training or supplies.

Even after the teacher she was substitute teaching for officially quit and took all of her teaching supplies, Miss Sinclair continued to be our bitch as we treated her like a substitute teacher and evaluated her as a first-year teacher. Obviously, the teacher Miss Sinclair was subbing for didn’t come back because her classroom was filled with the worst-behaved students from darkest depths of hell.

There were several days where Miss Sinclair did not openly cry, and even though she was completely unprepared for her position she managed to avoid a nervous breakdown.


Mrs. Walsh

Something like that, right? Fuck it. I’ll probably just take something off of the Internet. Honestly, I don’t think I would recommend myself because I don’t want to be a teacher anymore. But what the fuck else am I supposed to do? This was my lifelong dream. I don’t have a fall-back. Right now my fall-back is to just have babies and let Johnny take care of me, and that’s about as bad as saying I’ll just live off the government.

Since I am being laid off I qualify for unemployment. So my plan right now is to go on unemployment.

Tonight Johnny and I are supposed to make more wedding plans. But he just realized this week that he gets a Bachelor party and apparently that’s all he can talk about.



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