“Officially RIF’d” Thursday March 23, 2017

Kirk-Teacher-LayoffsI received my pink slip today. Okay, it wasn’t pink; but it was a letter saying that the school’s staff is undergoing a “reduction in force” and that my position is being absorbed or dissolved or something.

So technically, I’m being let go due to budget cuts—not poor teacher performance.

Which means, I could ask for a letter of recommendation from my principal and put her down as a reference. The question is whether or not I can trust to her if another principal was to call and ask if s/he should hire me. I don’t know if she would say that.

I wasn’t the only one that got RIF’d today, though. One of the first grade teachers received the same letter. She also said that Principal Belstead gave her poor reviews. The first grade teacher is actually trying to fight it. Apparently her husband is a law student and is working with our union to appeal the review.

I wouldn’t do that. Even if you win, what kind of working environment would it be knowing that your boss hates you.

Our principal did have too much power. I think that’s why Mrs. Walsh came in in the middle of the year. I think Mrs. Walsh would give me a letter of recommendation. I’ll ask her.

It’s a frightening thought, though. To be pregnant and getting laid off. My health insurance doesn’t run out until the end of summer, but I’m most likely due in November. I looked into joining Johnny’s health plan and for our family it would be close to $600 per month! That’s outrageous considering I pay nothing for health insurance right now.

I’m not feeling right, either. I’m sad and feel sick. There’s been a lump in my throat all day and a queasy feeling in my legs if that makes sense.


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