“A Bee In the Classroom!” Tuesday March 21, 2017

I’m not sure how much of it is actual fear of a bee and how much of it is wanting to freak out to be distracting and delay my teaching, but I wish it would stop. I can’t believe there was even a bee in my classroom anyway. It’s not like there are any open windows anywhere. But sure enough, in the middle of literacy one girl screams “BEE!” and jumps up out of fear from the tiny insect.

The other students follow suit and before long the only thing my students can focus on is the bee. Believe it or not I was actually trained for this. In college, during one of my teaching courses, a bee flew into our room and students in my class actually reacted very similarly to the children: they made nervous sounds and were in a “ready to flee at any moment” state.

The professor actually had to calm everyone down and tell us that this will happen in our classes and one trick is to turn off the lights and open the window. Apparently the bee will fly away.

This proved to be ineffective and after a couple minutes of everyone watching the bee, the one male student in our class took it upon himself and he killed the thing with his textbook. This proved to be the most effective way to handle a “bee in the classroom” situation.

Bees are relatively slow. And this particular bee was no exception. Especially for it only being March. So, as calmly as I could (because deep down I’m terrified of all insects) I picked up the largest textbook I had and followed the bee until it landed.

Then I squashed the little fucker! It was a rush! I’ve always made my boyfriend kill bugs, so I think I’ve only killed a bee once or twice in my life.

Anyway, I scraped the carcass off my book into the garbage and returned to teaching like nothing happened. Hopefully, I’ve earned some respect.



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