“Coddling Reinforces Babyish Behavior” Thursday March 16, 2017

ch880514I have this one student who likes to shut down. There was a period in the beginning of the year where he was too sick to work, but refused to go to the nurse. He likes to just put his head down and refuse to do any work at all.

Well, today another student hit him in the face with her jacket at lunch and the zipper hurt his cheek. It didn’t break the skin and there was a barely visible mark. But that was enough that after lunch he didn’t want to do anything. He refused to go with the class to art and hung out with me with his head down. But when he refused to do work, that’s when I called his mom. I got a hold of her and just said, “He’s been upset since lunch and refusing to do anything. I thought maybe if you talked to him you could get him to do his work.”

And you know what she does? She tells him that she’ll pick him up!

list-1What kind of parenting is that? “Oh? You’re acting like a little pussy? Okay, I’ll reinforce this behavior and take you out of school.” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!

Do you know what he’s going to do the next time he doesn’t want to do work? He’s going to do this all over again and his mom will just pick him up!

Of course as soon as his mom tells him she’ll take him out of school he perks right up. Goes to gym, is playing. I should’ve called her back and said, “Well, he’s fine now.” But I didn’t. I don’t know why. Because I don’t want to tell a parent how to do her job when I don’t have kids of my own maybe.

I’m exhausted. I hate the world so much right now.



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