“My Kids Can’t Mind Their Own Business” Wednesday March 15, 2017

021ed964640c43125c842f334789e94c0b0239b339f49ff77434043135e9886fWasn’t there a time when children were seen and not heard? A time when the child trusted the adult inherently and didn’t question an adult’s actions? How did children develop the attitude that everything we do somehow concerns them?

I had to yell at that bitchy student of mine, Patricia, several times today because she couldn’t mind her own business.

It started with a student walking in late. The student had a note from the office and I set it on my desk. Patricia immediately starts asking the student why he was late and then tries to read his note that I placed on my desk. I told her, “It doesn’t matter why he was late. It has nothing to do with you.”

Then because the student was late, Patricia takes the supplies I passed out off of my desk and begins to instruct the late student on what he should be doing. Um, excuse me? Last I checked this was my classroom and I’ll be the one handing out work. Just to piss Patricia off I told her I didn’t want him doing that work and that she should never take anything off of my desk without permission.

It didn’t stop there. The office called my phone a couple of times to let me know about a student that was going to get picked up and even though Patricia could only hear my side of the conversation she felt that it was okay to assume the purpose of the call and announce to the class that a student was being picked up early. I flipped out on her. I told her the only thing you should be doing when I take a phone call is being quiet so I can hear. It is none of your business until I include you.

She clearly doesn’t get it that this isn’t her classroom to run. She argued that she “didn’t do nothin'” and I’m always picking on her instead of everyone else. And she’s right, I do pick on her. Because this is a power struggle and I’m the one with the power!



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