“Worst Substitute Teacher Ever.” Tuesday March 14, 2017

45fcaa2cb53298337fc80d58cd530ad5As soon as I walked in to my classroom, two teachers from my team stepped in to tell me how awful my substitute teacher was. The class was way too loud, the teacher had no control, and there were times of the day where she didn’t do anything.

My students even said she was awful. She made them stay in their desks the whole day. She didn’t follow the schedule. She didn’t have groups. She didn’t follow any of my substitute plans.

She wrote up three of my students and sent Tyrese to the office for the entire afternoon after he threatened to throw his desk at her. It was heartbreaking.

I left very detailed notes—almost a minute-by-minute schedule of what she should be doing and how to do it. Also, I gave the names of my two responsible students that know the routines and can be trusted; and apparently the substitute teacher wouldn’t let them talk.

Also, this woman had an accent nobody could understand and she wasn’t friendly or nice.

What makes this crappy substitute even worse is that my students are struggling. They can’t afford to lose a day of instruction. All of my coteachers said that my plans were clear and they tried to yell at my class on behalf of me, but the minute they left the room, the class reverted to chaos.

I had a very serious talk with my class. I told them that even if the substitute was mean that wasn’t an excuse for their behavior. I made the students she wrote up write apology letters to the substitute and the co-teachers.

And I don’t feel comfortable taking off any more days without getting a good substitute.

Also, I’m still queasy and tired, but working kept my mind off of it.


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