“Reinforcements Should Match The Behavior” Wednesday March 8, 2017

2b006606f2aba66676e5c374ee4f4478My class finally earned all their marbles. Let me explain if I haven’t mentioned this before. I have two jars filled with marbles. There’s probably 100 marbles between the two of them. When the class is good I move a marble over to the fill jar. If the class is bad, I remove a marble from the fill jar. At one point in the year I had removed all of the marbles from the fill jar.

This is only the third time all year that my class has earned all of their marbles. I rushed it in the beginning of the year and took them outside for an extra recess to give them a taste of what they can get if they behave. Then I learned I wasn’t allowed to do that.

For the other two times we had a pajama day and a bring a stuffed animal to school day. Both of them were met with contention from some students and were distracting overall.

Today, my class earned the last marble this morning and I told them we could skip science and social studies and have an hour of game time at the end of the day, or they could come up with a special thing to do tomorrow. They chose the game hour.

I know my kids are too uncoordinated for silent ball, too dishonest and bias for “head’s up, 7-up,” and too stupid for any game requiring spelling. But, they’re surprisingly good at charades.

img_1142I did another politically incorrect thing and made it boys versus girls. I used noun cards and had each team act out as many cards as they could in 1-minute. It was awesome! Kids were engaged, taking turns, everyone had fun.

I made sure to tell the class that if they continue to behave we can do more and more things like this. I felt like their hour of fun and games was worth it because it took them forever to get all the marbles. If they get it faster, it should probably only be 10 minutes.


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