“Coffee Club, Water Club, Shower Collections!” Tuesday March 7, 2017

65393243I may have a full-time job, but I’m also the lowest paid teacher in the school being that it’s my first year out of college and I’m technically a “long-term” substitute. I’m buried in student debt and the cost of living in the city regularly taps my income.

That said, I think it’s bullshit how much extra money I’m asked to give at work. This is my place of employment; I’m the one who should be getting paid. Apparently, another teacher is pregnant and I had to give $5 towards her baby shower gift. That’s bullshit. I got engaged. Where’s my shower gift?

She’s not the first to get pregnant. I’d say she’s the sixth or seventh. There’s something in the water here or something. But that sucks because I’ve given money each time! And, on top of that, I’ve given money to join the Water Club and the Coffee Club, because my school is too cheap to provide that stuff for us. Which means if I want coffee and access to the water cooler, I have to give money to some shared fund.

I would think that bottled water and coffee would be provided to employees. But teaching isn’t a lucrative profession, even though my principal probably makes 100K to make my life miserable.

The point is I spend my free time working for this place so you can’t even argue that the days off are perks. Teaching sucks.




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