“Working With a Teaching Team Isn’t Always Great” Sunday March 5, 2017

I’ve spent all day redoing the lesson plans written by one of the other teachers on my team. It’s not that her plans are wrong, they’re just boring. Every lesson is having the students read something and then write something. It’s boring. I’d like to have more fun with my class.

The teacher’s argument for the “read and respond” style of lessons is that they prepare the students for testing. At our school we get a bonus if our students meet goals for testing.

ch930908But I don’t believe that giving students these types of lessons really does help them with their PARCC scores. I honestly think they would get more out of the lesson if they were having fun.

The secret to teaching children is disguising learning as fun and games. Kids learn best when they’re not aware that they’re learning anything.

I feel like their are a lot of bad teachers at my school, which is a horrible thing to say. Especially since I’m the one getting RIF’d. But most of the teachers are too strict, and their lessons are too hard, or too boring.

I want to be a good teacher like the teachers I loved as a kid. And the one thing about all of those teachers was that I had fun in their class. I want my class to be more fun. It doesn’t matter anymore if I prepare them for testing. Next week I’m promising myself that my lessons will be fun. My kids are going to laugh. I promise.


What do you think?

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