“Day 2 of Poetry” Friday March 3, 2017

ch891219Who decided that poetry was something that should be taught to 2nd grade? Isn’t poetry the ultimate artistic expression of the written word? Isn’t that like teaching toddler how to do the long jump?

I’d rather be teaching Latin. At least it might be more useful to them.

Poetry is stupid. And this is coming from a writer! Not that I’m a professional writer or anything, but I know enough about writing to have my very own blog.

And it’s not like I’m bad at poetry. But honestly, I’ve read some “great” poets and I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. If art is supposed to be about making you feel something, and poetry is an artform, then it has no effect on me.

Today my students wrote cinquain poems. There these poems with a certain number of syllables in each line. Which is stupid because not every line has to be complete thought or anything. Here’s my example:

This poem
is a cinquain
i hate all poetry
so much because it’s retarded
and sucks

See? Stupid. My students can learn about syllables and maybe spelling, but really. Who gives a shit.

I gotta go. If you remember Robbie he’s coming over to give me some good stuff. I’m excited. Need to relax after this stupid week.


What do you think?

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