“Co-Teacher Still Sucks” Wednesday March 1, 2017

auto-9gag-1222200It’s now March and my co-teacher still isn’t coming to class prepared to teach her math group. Which is frustrating because I’ve gone beyond my scope of responsibility to include her worksheets as well as a lesson plan—two things she’s supposed to be responsible for. Yet, she came in today saying, “What would you like me to work on today?” Really? Well, I took time to post the lesson plans on Sharepoint, which you apparently didn’t look at, and I posted worksheets to go along with my lesson plan for your group. And even though you’ve been teaching your group all year and you should know exactly what they need to do to prepare for the assessment Friday, I’ll go ahead and tell you what we’re doing.

What’s even worse is that when I looked over to see what she was doing, she wasn’t even doing what we were supposed to be doing.

I spoke with Mrs. Walsh, who apparently has some authority over Michelle, and Mrs. Walsh told me to talk to her. What?! So I’m supposed to tell Michelle she’s being an unprofessional, shitty teacher? What kind of work environment is that?

Not to mention the fact that I’m taking the blame for her shitty work with my students. Mrs. Walsh suggested that I switch groups with her. Which I’ve offered to do, but Michelle apparently likes her group. So, whatever. I guess I’ll just lose my job over this bitch.

And do you know what’s even worse than that? Michelle is hired on for next year. She’ll probably even get my classroom. Well fuck her and fuck this school.


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