“Dealing With A Second Grade Bitch” Monday February 27, 2017

ch901020Wow. The attitude of one of my students is epic bitchy. I may have mentioned Patrice before. She’s the worst kind of human. She made Tyrese look good today.

Basically, Patrice wasn’t doing what she was supposed to do all day. She had her back turned to me during instruction, she was painting her nails during independent work, and several students tattled on her for being rude or disrespectful.

At the end of the day I kept her after class to write a note home to her mother describing her behavior and how she’s going to improve her attitude. And she just wouldn’t shut up about it. She kept arguing and saying, “Those girls lie! Those girls are liars! I wasn’t disrespecting nobody!”

I told her I didn’t care about that and it doesn’t matter. She still wasn’t following directions. Then she broke into a rant saying “I hate second grade! I hate teachers! You’re always getting me in trouble! I hate this school!”

I wrote down some of her comments on a post-it and told her to finish her note. After one minute she hands it to me:

How my behavior was disrespectful: “i wuznt listning”

How I can improve my behavior: “by listning”

I suggested we add to the first part of the letter by adding some of the things she just said before writing it and that made her flip out even more: “I dint say dat! I dint say dat! I never said nothin’ like dat!”

Then I argued with the demon-child and told her that I wrote down exactly what she said as she was saying it. Then I told I wrote down some more to her note and told her if it doesn’t come back signed tomorrow I’ll be calling home.

I think I’m going to keep her in from recess tomorrow regardless.


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