“I’ve Stopped Caring and It’s Made a Difference” Friday February 24, 2017

ch900512I’ve stopped stressing out about my job. It’s over. I’m not being hired back next year, so why continue to put in all that effort? And actually, things have been better in my classroom. I don’t know if maybe my students sense that I’m not stressed out and it calms them, or maybe I’m not rushing things as much, I’m not sure. I just know that things haven’t been as stressful.

Sure, most of my students are still failing assessments. However, I have seen improvement in some of them. Especially in reading. I’m also letting them get away with a lot more. I’m no longer fighting with them over bathroom breaks or going to the nurse. I just let it happen. They won that war.

All I really ask is that they’re quiet while I’m teaching and not too loud during independent work. Kids still talk, but they’re not talking to challenge my authority. And a couple of kids are still not working, but they do it quietly which allows the kids that are working to concentrate.

Also, my mind has been off of work anyway. I’m in WEDDING MODE now! There’s so much to do! I hope this weekend Johnny and I can decide on a venue and start making a guest list. I’d also like to go on a honeymoon. And it’s not too soon to talk bachelorette parties…

Cheers! Happy Friday! 🙂


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