“Why are So Many People Terrible At Their Jobs?” Thursday February 23, 2017

i-dont-hate-my-job-i-just-hate-some-of-the-incompetent-people-i-work-with-4ccb1Tyrese hasn’t been doing any better, but he’s not entirely to blame. In fact, when you think about children as products of their environment (or even genetics) it’s hard to blame children. Really a child is a reflection of the parents. I’ve seen this more as I’ve interacted with my students’ parents. Good parents have good kids.

Tyrese is not a good kid, and even though his mother is at fault for feeding him crap food and letting him do whatever he wants, the adults at my school are also to blame.

Tyrese’s behavior plan works on a reinforcement and check in schedule with Mrs. Baker, or if Mrs. Baker isn’t available then Mrs. Walsh. Now the problem is that there are times when Mrs. Baker is dealing with another student and isn’t available to check in with Tyrese. But, Mrs. Walsh is only in our school part-time. Her duties are apparently split between another school. Which means there are times where no one is available to deal with Tyrese.

Every morning Tyrese gets his clipboard and is given his expectation statements and reminded of his reward for meeting expectations. This morning, no one was available to check him in. I had to call the office and ask for someone to bring down his clipboard.

Which means I had to take time out of my morning to check Tyrese in. And it wasn’t long before Tyrese was flopping on the floor refusing to do any work. At which point I called down to the office to ask someone to remove him so he doesn’t distract the entire classroom. They send down one of the secretaries who comes in and is all “buddy-buddy” with Tyrese.

“Awww, what’s wrong, buddy? Wanna come down and work in my office?”

What the fuck is that? You’re reinforcing him for being defiant!

And I can’t even get mad at her. She doesn’t know what to do. I blame both Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Walsh. This isn’t the first time they haven’t been there for Tyrese. There have been plenty of mornings and afternoons where I send Tyrese down and no one is there for him.

How is a child supposed to trust and obey adults if they can’t even follow through on their own expectation statements?!



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