“Sometimes a Positive Attitude Can Change Everything” Monday February 20, 2017


Today might’ve been the best Monday of the year. I came to school with a smile on my face and I tried my best to touch everything with left hand to show off my engagement ring!

I also told my students. They genuinely seemed excited for me. Maybe they were just feeding off of my enthusiasm but I answered all their questions about my fiancee: how old he is, where we met, what he does, what he looks like, it was fun!

I think that minor break in routine and me opening up personally to them made them want to be better students or something because they were actually pretty good for me today. They got a little rowdy in the afternoon, but it could’ve been worse.

It’s amazing how different I feel. Johnny texted me this morning to tell me how happy he is and I got all giddy! We texted each other back and forth all day. We’re going to have to work out a good schedule to spend nights together during the week. Johnny’s over right now, but we’ll probably have to switch on and off. I’ll have to keep clothes and toiletries at his place. I might just move back with him. It looks like Zooey and Patrick are getting ready to move in together anyway.

Oh, and I can tell Zooey’s a little jealous. She’s supportive and all, but I can tell how she feels. I’d feel the same way if she got engaged. Anyway – I need to go now, good night!


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