“I’M ENGAGED!” Saturday February 18, 2017

engaged-memeAAAAHHHH! I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! I don’t have a lot of time to write because I still haven’t called everybody, but OH MY GOD! I’m SO HAPPY!

Real quick: Johnny asked if I could come over to his place, he said his car wasn’t working. So, fine, right? He tells me the door’s unlocked and to just walk in.

His apartment was dark but their were tea lights on the floor leading to his/(our old) bedroom. And he was on his knee with an engagement ring open and rose petals on the bed and it was so romantic! HOORAY!

He told me how it doesn’t make sense that we’re not together and he said that when we were committed to each other he felt like we were unstoppable so he wants to commit completely! I said yes and I cried and it was awesome!

I love him so much! I really do! I just feel better around him and knowing that we’re getting married just makes me feel so much better about the future!!

AHHH!! I have to call my family now!!! I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!


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