“Have You Ever Sworn In Front of Your Class?” Friday February 17, 2017

ch870819I said the word “shit” in front of my students. Not that my students are at all offended or unaware of swear words, but it sure made an impression.

It was during literacy group, I was teaching from the Powerpoint and I actually had most of the class’s attention (Of course). Then a student actually asked a decent question and I wanted to go back to another slide and while moving the cursor towards the back arrow I accidentally clicked the “close” button and said “shit” followed by “oops” hands to my mouth and a red face.

That’s when the class lost their shit and starting with the “Ooooooo, Miss Sinclair said a naughty word!” and then they laughed and laughed.

All I could do really was say I was sorry and move on as quickly as possible. Which if the class was mature, probably would’ve happened. Except I have a student named Darnell who is very bright, but also a total dick and decided to have fun with my mistake by raising his hand and speaking without being called on:

 “Miss Sinclair, what does ‘shit’ mean?”

“It’s not an appropriate word and shouldn’t be said.”

“But you said it.”

“It was an accident, let’s move on.”

“Shit. Oops. Sorry. Accident.”

And he said it deadpan staring directly at me. The class loved it. They love it when I’m tested. But I wasn’t going to bite. I realized if I punished Darnell right there then he would argue that I was punishing him for something I also had done. So instead I ignored it and moved on.

Darnell tried to speak again and I interrupted him interrupting me and told him to save whatever he has to say until the end of the lesson. The class actually got back on task. I’m actually pretty proud of myself.

In personal news, Johnny’s coming over tonight. I don’t know why, but I’m actually kind of excited about it. That’s pretty fucked up.


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