“Dealing With a Poor Co-Teacher” Thursday February 16, 2017

ch880128I work with a co-teacher named Michelle. She’s a resource teacher, which means she pulls out kids in different classes for groups. All year she has worked with my lowest group of math students and all year she’s sucked at it. Apparently 2nd grade mathematics is too difficult for some people because I’ve caught her several times teaching some of the topics incorrectly.

And if she’s not teaching it incorrectly, then she’s teaching the wrong subject. I realized that everyday she’s always asking me what to focus on. This is bullshit because we’re all supposed to be preparing for the same common assessment that all the second graders take. She’s asking me what to teach? She’s been teaching her group all year!

Not only that, but our team prepares the math lessons and makes them available on Sharepoint for all the teachers in the school to see. But yet, everyday Michelle comes and asks me what to do.

I didn’t realize that she was supposed to be taking responsibility for her own group until I realized that the teacher that pulls those same kids for literacy never asks me for anything. Michelle only comes in for that one math group, but it’s her job to teach them! Sure, their my students, which means that when they fail I get the blame!

What the fuck? I thought that group was just a group of low students but maybe they’re low because their teacher doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing. I mean, seriously, she should know where her own students need more work—it’s called teaching!

 I wrote Michelle a nasty email showing her where all of the lesson plans d01d9601ec074ee46006a6feb0f59b0fare, and I also told her that she’s allowed to make her own worksheets. Most teachers use have to modify the worksheets to fit their students. I’ve just been giving Michelle extra copies from my group which doesn’t make any sense because my students actually know what to do.

I didn’t fully comprehend that this woman has totally fucked me over. Those three students haven’t passed a common assessment all year and I’m going to take the blame even though I haven’t taught them any math. I might need to switch groups, but my group is doing so well.

Also, Michelle never cleans up her area after her group and she’s never asked how her students have done on the common assessment. Granted, Michelle is a new teacher too, but given how shitty of an educator she is she doesn’t deserve the position she has.


What do you think?

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