“Overwhelmed with Prep Work” Thursday February 9, 2017

3131759.largeI have yet to be more than a week ahead on my prep work and I’ve worked 12+ hours per day since I’ve started this job. The problem is the stupid flip charts. I have to put in each book we read and it takes fucking forever. I’m also responsible for social studies.

And even though the other teachers on my team prep math for me, my class is way behind and I’ve been coming up with additional worksheets to help them get caught up. Over half of my class failed the last math assessment. And I don’t believe they failed because they don’t understand the material, I believe they failed because they either didn’t read the directions and did the problems wrong, didn’t finish because they ran out of time, or completely skipped pages because they’re fucking idiots.

I ended up grading everyone’s test but since everyone missed at least one problem I handing them back and had them fix their work. And would you believe it, that even though I marked the problems that students needed to fix some of them tried to redo problems they had gotten correct and actually made them worse.

After regrading everyone’s test again, a couple more students passed, but it still looks really bad. I’m thinking about retesting completely. I don’t really give a fuck. I bet I can give them the same test everyday and they’ll still fail.

And failing is hard to do. A student can get every answer wrong and still pass if they showed their work, labeled their answer, and used the tool appropriately. But some students are just fucking retarded so even with all that assistance, they’ll just put down an answer and not show their work.

They also can’t read. I’m supposed to have moved every group’s reading level twice by now but I know that they can’t do it. Most of them are reading at a level E or F when they should be at a J or K. I’m pretty sure their goal is N by third grade. And I’m fucked on that. All the other teams have moved their kids up reading levels but I don’t really have the time to benchmark them again anyway. And since I’m already gone at the end of the year, I can either move them up and watch them struggle even more or just stay where I’m at. I think I’ll stay. The problem with staying is that I’m out of books at those reading levels.

If I move the lower groups up I can use the old stuff from the higher groups. So maybe I’ll do that. I don’t know. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I hate this fucking job.


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