“How Do I Get My Worst Kid Kicked Out of School?” Wendesday February 8, 2017

53009fa5f689b8aadd5298a4f43bf62d117d5210ade6edc35707b81eebcd8b4fI’ve accepted that my class is never going to be perfect or even close to being well-behaved. But I’m convinced that if my worst student, Tyrese, were to be kicked out of my class that all of my students would benefit—including Tyrese.

Tomorrow is going to be Thursday and I’m still trying to get him to do the work from Monday. That means he hasn’t completely any work in 3 days. Not only has he not done any work, but he’s impairing other students from getting their work done.

My desks are arranged in groups of 4. Group work is important to this school and students are encouraged to use each other as resources. We’re trying to create “student-centered” learning environments. But Tyrese is not capable of working independently or in a group.

Originally, I would tell the other three students in Tyrese’s group that if they being distracted then they can move to one of the back tables. My goal was to ignore Tyrese and make him feel like nobody liked him.

However, I now feel that forcing the other students to leave their own desks because Tyrese is basically just trying to distract them is wrong. Tyrese should be banished, not the others. So today I told Tyrese that if continues to infringe on other people’s space than he’ll have to move to the back table.

It didn’t take long, but Tyrese kept shoving his book on his neighbor’s desk to get him to mess up during independent writing. I told Tyrese to grab his things and move to the back table.

He argued that he didn’t do anything. I ignored him for awhile and then started removing points on his behavior plan for not being in his area. He argued that he was in his area and I reminded him that his area is now the back table.

Eventually he lost all his points and did get up. Except he didn’t go to the back table, he just walked out of the classroom and I called the office and we started this whole thing over again.

But, after he left, my classroom seemed much more peaceful. Granted, most of the kids are still assholes, but at least they do try to do some work. With Tyrese out of the classroom, my students are no longer distracted.

And I don’t think it’s fair to Tyrese to be in the classroom. He’s not getting an education either. He deserves to be put into a BD classroom. It would make everyone’s life better.


What do you think?

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