“Respect for Property” Tuesday February 7, 2017

broken_pencils_are_pointless_postcard-r6f3cbff7e3ff4572ab4183dbd5fbb3cd_vgbaq_8byvr_324My students were running out of pencils and erasers so I bought more. Everyday, most of the pencil tips are broken and a majority of the erasers have gone missing.

I told my students about respecting school property and how if they’re going to ruin the things they have, then they’re not going to have any nice things. (Wow, do I sound like an old man or something.)

I’m pissed about it. And Tyrese is the worst offender of them all. He destroys whatever is around him. He steals sticky tack off the wall, thumbtacks, paperclips, pencils, erasers, paper, whatever the little cretin can get his dirty mitts on.

And he likes to steal other people’s stuff too. His thing now is to take something out of a person’s desk and when that person comes to me to complain that their ruler or pencil has gone missing, Tyrese likes to step in and be the hero by saying, “Oh, this ruler? I found it for you.” And then I’m supposed to praise him or some shit for returning crap that he stole in the first place.

I can’t trust any of my students. I allowed them to play with Play-Doh one time and three containers didn’t get returned.

And every time a kids brings something from home. Be it an iPod, a stuffed animal, or another toy—it gets stolen. Every time. Today, a girl had her cell phone stolen from her. It was a child’s cell phone—one where you could only call her parents—but if it’s something that another kid doesn’t have or wants, then consider it gone.

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here. We’ve talked about respect and discussed “how would that make you feel?” ad nauseam. And graffiti? All over the place. These kids have blacked out every book and surface they can get away with.

I hate them all.

Also, I sent home a couple of letters for parents to send in tissues since we’re out. I haven’t received a single box.




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