“Should I Be Responsible For My Students When They’re Not in Class?” Monday February 6, 2017

Today my class instigated a food fight during lunch. The worst offenders were kept in at recess and the lunch supervisors (part-time help, not teachers) explained to my students that if their behavior at lunch doesn’t improve that they will start calling home.

One of my gfoodfightirls, Princess, came up to talk to me about what happened at lunch. She was one of the students that was punished. Princess tried to explain to me about how it wasn’t her fault and somebody else started it and how it’s not fair that she’s being punished. I didn’t have time to talk to her at that moment and I’ve heard this speech from every kid that’s ever gotten in trouble: “It wasn’t me, I didn’t do anything, it was all Tyrese” blah blah blah.

So I tell Princess that I don’t have any control over what happens at lunch. I’m not there, it’s not my problem. If she has a problem she needs to talk to the lunchroom supervisors. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about how awful my students are at lunch.

Princess kept trying to reason with me and kept telling her to bring it up with the adults in the lunch room.

Well. Princess tells her mom and I get a phone call after school. Princess’s mom is upset because I wasn’t taking her daughter’s complaints seriously. She was very upset because she felt her daughter was doing the right thing by going to an adult and pleading her case. I was not very nice on the phone and I basically passed the buck. I said that lunch is not my jurisdiction and if Princess has a problem going to those adults she can take it up with Principal Belstead or Assistant Principal Walsh. I recommended that she call Mrs. Walsh during school hours.

So then, I had to go find Mrs. Walsh and give her a head’s up. Of course she was no where to be found so I ended up having to talk to Connie Belstead, the woman who already hates me and promised me I wouldn’t have a position at this school next year. I explained to her about the phone call and basically got an eye roll and an “okay.”

Not even a “thank you for the head’s up.” God, she’s a bitch. Should I really be blamed for my students at lunch? Is my class’s behavior outside of my class a reflection on me? Is the word around the school something like, “The kids from Miss Sinclair’s class are the worst”?

It’s not my fault the lunchroom supervisors can’t control the kids. It’s bad enough I have to handle detentions giving out by the specials teachers. I hate this fucking job.


What do you think?

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