“Another Day in the Jungle” Thursday February 2, 2017

ch930917I should quit my job. I can move back in with my parents. Work at the coffee shop. Live with low rent and low responsibilities. I don’t know what I’m doing at work. My classroom is out of control. There’s a big bullying problem going on during lunch. My students are making lists that exclude people. List like, “the pretty girls club” (although it was spelled “prity gurls club.” And the “cool kids,” and crap like that.

Apparently the new thing is to ask their class mates, “who hates <name>?” and to have the whole class raise their hands. The lunchroom supervisor told me about it. She kept them in from recess and explained to them that what they were doing was bullying. Nobody likes to be excluded.

I talked to my class again that afternoon. They didn’t take it seriously. We have talks all the time about how to treat each other, but they’re assholes. They don’t care. I’d say half of my class has been the victim of Tyrese’s physical abuse. He knocks people over by walking into them, he hits them in the back of their heads while they’re seated, he pushes people who are in his way. His punishment? We tell his mom and make him write an apology note.

I was bullied in school. And I bullied. My friends and I were bullies to each. The groups I hung out with would all take turns teasing each other until each one of us developed an eating disorder or lacked any confidence at all to dress or behave differently in any form whatsoever. We were horrible to each other and I see similar behavior from the girls in my class. But straight up telling people that they’re hated? No, that never happened. Even the biggest loser in school didn’t think he was a loser.

Maybe I should teach my kids the proper ways to bully so that nobody’s feelings are hurt. Or maybe we should let kids bully each other. No, kids these days aren’t tough enough to handle it.

Oh well. I’ve given up hope for the future. I’m quickly developing a drinking problem and hope to die from alcohol poisoning before these little shitheads take over the world.




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