“What Does a Kid Have to Do to Get Expelled?” Monday January 30, 2017

ch881229I hate that I complain so much about the same three students, but Tyrese is unbelievable. He negatively affects the education of every student in comes in contact with. He actively destroys the property around him. All of the pencils at his group’s table have the erasers ripped off. After explicitly telling him to not waste tissues (because we’re running out) he has used up the entire tissue box at his group’s desk.

Today he stole another student’s mechanical pencil from his desk. The student asked Tyrese nicely to give it back and Tyrese said that the pencil is his. So I made Tyrese give it back and Tyrese started calling me racist and spent the morning accusing me of of stealing his stuff.

Tyrese drank out of another student’s plastic water bottle, which I had to throw away because of germs. Now that student lost his water for the entire day.

At lunch, the students were waiting in line to get milk when Tyrese used both hands and shoved a girl out of line. The girl fell and started crying. Tyrese kept saying, “I din’t do nuthin’! I din’t do nuthin’!” I had to apologize to the girl for being shoved and then I called the office to have Ms. Baker come down. She was unavailable so Principal Belstedt came down. I told her what Tyrese had done and she took him to his office to eat his lunch and call his mother.

I don’t know what happened but Tyrese came back to class after lunch. He didn’t do any of his classwork the entire day. Instead he wandered around the classroom and knocked into the pictures on the wall and the back of students’ heads.

I followed his behavior plan verbatim. “Tyrese, you’re not in your area. You lost a point.” “Tyrese, you’re not doing your must do. You lost a point.” He eventually lost all of his points and then lost his chance to take “a break” at the end of the day.

But after losing all his points, he now has no motivation to turn his behavior around. We already called his mother. We usually call his mother. She makes a good show of yelling at him, but everyday he’s still an asshole.

The other kids sort of like him, I think. He keeps the class entertaining. Anytime I ask a student to pick a volunteer they actually do pick Tyrese to come to the board.

I don’t give a shit about Tyrese’s education. He belongs in a class for children with behavioral disorders. But my school has an “inclusion” policy for special education students. That means all students are educated in the same classroom whether they have physical, mental, emotional, or social disorders.

I don’t understand why he should be allowed in my classroom. Not only are the other students losing out on attention and time, but several have been physically harmed by Tyrese. Please, God, get rid of this devil you sent!


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