“When Good Kids Turn Bad” Friday January 13, 2017

ch910604Thank god we have a 3-day weekend. Thank you MLK! Today was just terrible. Tyrese was just in a fighting mood today. It wasn’t like I was even giving him difficult demands, he just wanted to fight. But Tyrese is Tyrese. He’s going to give me troubles because he always gives me troubles.

I’m more worried when one of my good kids starts to act out. And surprisingly, I get more problems from the girls than the boys. There are two girls, in my class, Jakara & Destiny, who are just the best friends you can imagine. And honestly, I don’t feel like either one of them are all that bad by themselves, but together they are constantly getting each other in trouble.

They must be having a sleep over or something this weekend because all day they were trying to work on a plan or something. Which, granted, I’ll take credit that either one of them are capable of writing things down, but it still was inappropriate behavior.

I had to separate them a couple of times and I gave both of them plenty or warnings to stop talking. But it wasn’t the talking that pissed me off. It was acting as if I’m stupid. For example, it would be independent work time and Jakara would get up to “throw something away” and linger by Destiny’s desk to talk. So I would tell them to stop and they’d throw a fit.

“I din’t doing nothing! I’z just throwing out my tissue, Mz S.”

But their behavior got worse. At one point I took a note that Jakara had been writing (again, very flattered that they are capable of writing at all), during math and I threw it away. Jakara became very upset and starting crying and then Destiny starts in on me saying,

“That wasn’t nice, MzClair. She was writing sumptin’ for me. Dun you want us to be writing and stuff?”

Usually these two girls are actually hard workers and I like it when they do presentations together. But today they were just too out of control. I had to write both of them up and make calls home.

2012-03-25_8080-11x15-sfw(pp_w900_h660)The sad part is, I remember being a kid and having a best friend in class. Really the whole day of school was just waiting for after school so we could play. And maybe I’m a little jealous. I feel like I don’t have any friends right now and watching those two giggle at each other all day reminded me that I’m going to be home alone all weekend probably lesson planning.

It’s Friday night now and I’m alone in my room with no plans to go out. I’m actually kinda sad that Johnny stopped begging for me to take him back. I might’ve given in. But I know that would be a mistake.

Zooey’s never around anymore. And even when she is, she’s either hanging all over Patrick or going out with her work friends. It sucks being alone. Mostly because my job is so freakin’ stressful that I really just want somebody to vent with.

I asked Becky what she was up to this weekend, and she said she was going to the movies with her friends. When she asked me what I was up to, I told her I didn’t know. Then it got awkward. Awkward because she didn’t want to ask me to go out with her friends.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. How can I be anti-social and still be lonely?


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