“Dealing With Attitudes” Wednesday January 11, 2017

I have a big problem with one of my sassy girls. Her attitude might be the worst I’ve ever seen in anybody, child or adult.

9e617dbacc36e04bffe32ac09f8ce27d8c4e17eceee105d628137649bda5ef70I’ll give you a good example that happened today. Patrice was reading her book after she finished her morning work, which is allowed. Then it was time for science. I gave the direction to everyone to put their books or morning work away and come to the carpet so I could give the science lesson.

Patrice continued to read her book. I gave her another direction and said, “Patrice, please put the book away and come to the carpet.”

She continued to read her book and ignored my direction. While everyone was gathering to the carpet I walked by Patrice’s desk and swiped the book out of her hands.

That’s when she started giving me the “oh-no-you-did-not-just-take-my-book” attitude. I had to take a second and compose myself, otherwise I might’ve slapped the black right off that girl’s face.

I said, “I told you a couple of times to put it away and come to the carpet.”

“I’ll come to the carpet, when you give me back my book.”

And then she crosses her arms and looks away as if what she said was going to actually work. I had to start my lesson, I didn’t have time to argue with this 8 year old mega-bitch.

“You’re mad that I took your book? I’ll tell you what. Let’s call your mom. You can tell her all about it.”

She turned and looked at me like she was unsure if I’d actually do it. But I wasn’t bluffing. I pulled out the call sheet from my desk and started dialing her mom’s cell phone (using my own personal cell, btw). But Patrice did not come over to talk on the phone.

“It’s ringing, Patrice. You better come here. No? Okay, that’s fine. I’ll put her on speaker.”

And as soon as I hit the speaker button her mom said “hello?” and Patrice sprang up and ran across the room to talk, but I wasn’t having it anymore. I talked to her mom, on speaker, in front of the whole class.

“Oh hello, Olivia. This is Jessica Sinclair.”
“Uh-oh. What happened?”

At this point Patrice is trying to reach for the phone but I was holding it out of her reach.

“Well, Patrice is refusing to come to the carpet for science because I took her book away.”
“Oh, Jesus Christ! Can I talk to her?”

I took her off speaker and handed the phone to Patrice. Although we didn’t need the speaker to hear because everybody was silent as Patrice’s mom let her have it. I basically heard “you need to listen to your teacher and if I get another phone call like this you are going to spend the whole weekend in your room with no tablet, do you understand me, girl?”

Patrice started crying and sobbing out “okay.” I took back the phone, apologized for calling, thanking her for her help, and the rest of the day Patrice did as she was told.

It was probably not the most professional move to make, but I’d make it again. And now that she knows I’m willing to go that far to call her out on her shit, hopefully the attitude will stop.


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