“When Is a Day Off Not Really a Day Off? When You’re a Teacher!” Wednesday January 4, 2017

phd110113sThis job is fucking bullshit! I spent all day prepping and I’m only up to the middle of Wednesday. That means if I continue on this pace, I’ll have to work all day tomorrow to only be a week ahead. But I did do my science and social studies plans for my team. I felt bad because they had their lesson plans posted.

Oh, and just because my team posts the lesson plans, doesn’t mean that I don’t have to prep for the lesson. Usually their lesson plans are something like “compare and contrast two fables” and then maybe, maybe, they’ll post the fables they’re going to use. Otherwise, it’s up to me to find the frickin’ fables. Not to mention the warm-up, daily assessment, and closer. On top of the “may-dos” and “must-dos” that I have to make myself.

Math is a little easier because we all use the same homework and assessments, but I have a small pull-out group that I run myself. They’re the enrichment kids and I need to modify or find a more difficult worksheet for their classwork.

I also need to prep letters home to parents about upcoming events, come up with incentive programs, prep the literacy activities which usually require cutting or pasting or some crap.

It’s just too much work for one person to do. And until I plan all the way up through June, it doesn’t end. Not to mention that when we get back I’ll have to grade all of the shit I’m prepping for, enter into my gradebook, post the grades online for report cards, and write letters to parents on the major assessments explaining to parents what their child needs to improve on because the parents are too stupid to understand the material and can’t be trusted to send back the assessments so we can have them on file to defend ourselves when those parents don’t understand why their child is failing. Which, can’t happen because I’m not allowed to fail kids!

I’m a little stressed out. This was a very busy day off.


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