“Lazy Day” Thursday December 29, 2016

17mtz3rq3oj52jpg“I can get so much done over break,” I remember myself saying before break. That’s been a crock of shit. Honestly, I tried to get some work done the other day and it’s hopeless. I need guided reading books, but I’ve completely tapped ReadingAtoZ and I don’t have a subscription to any other services.

So instead of getting ahead on lesson plans, I spent the entire day watching TV and playing on my phone. And it was WONDERFUL!

It’s almost 4:30 and I haven’t showered, brushed my teeth, or taken off my pajamas. Zooey’s still at home so I’ve had the whole place to myself. And dammit, I deserved today.

So what if I’ll probably have trouble sleeping tonight because I have so much work to do. That’s not until next year 😉

Anyway, Colin is coming over after he gets off work and is bringing me dinner. I should probably get ready.


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