“Stupid Men!” Wednesday December 28, 2016

I can tell that Colin is a good guy because he’s a terrible liar. And I’ll give him some leeway since he didn’t try to lie to my face. He just sort of dodged the question.

Basically, I told him that my ex wasn’t leaving me alone and I asked him if he had seen or heard from his ex-girlfriend. And he made this face:


“Hmm… have I seen or heard from my ex-girlfriend…let me see…”

Right there it’s obvious he had seen her. I told him “it’s not a hard question. I’d think you’d remember.”

He could’ve just lied and said “nope” straight up, but instead I think his puny male brain was trying to find a way to not answer the question and not lie to me. Which, like I said, probably means he’s not a horrible guy.

Anyway, after beating it out of him. Yes, he did see his ex-girlfriend on Christmas. She came over to return some of his stuff, bring him cookies, and talk. According to Colin she just wanted to make sure he’s okay. He said it was sort of awkward because his parents were around. He also said that it just upset him all over again seeing her.

It all seemed fairly innocent. But I’m fucking pissed off that I had to ask him about it. It makes me think he wouldn’t tell me. And we had a small fight about being honest with each other.

Hopefully I didn’t come off as too much of a jealous bitch and he’ll tell me the next time she pops up. Colin also didn’t say that I shouldn’t see Johnny one more time, but he also didn’t say that I should. I’m still stuck on that.

Again, though. It’s Wednesday and I don’t have to work tomorrow!!! Long live winter break!




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