“I’m Getting Another New Student and I Can’t Handle My Current Students!” Tuesday December 20, 2016

WLHbDAt least this time I have more time before a new girl will start in my class. She’ll be starting after break. That brings my class size to 25, which I believe is the cap. I literally don’t think I can fit another body in my classroom. My room is a windowless closet set in the middle of the building. But even with its central location it’s not conveniently easy to get to other parts of the building. I’m basically blocking what would make a great hallway.

I’m totally stressed out right now. I had one of my “informal” (unannounced) observations today by my principal. She came in during writing, which wasn’t going very well. My students were supposed to be peer editing their persuasive papers. They were writing about the best toy to give as a gift. They’re supposed to publish their papers by the end of the week.

When my principal came in it basically 24 students having no idea what they were supposed to be doing. I was sitting with a girl that missed some days of school and trying to catch her up. I made very clear instructions to my class that they were to read two people’s papers and then begin to rewrite their papers based on the two positives and one negative feedback they received.

But, like clockwork, as soon as I gave a direction half the class came up to try to ask me questions. Most of it was bullshit like: “Can I write with a pen?” “Can I go to the bathroom?” “Derrik won’t read my paper.” “Can I go to the nurse for this paper cut?” and the rest were coming up to ask me “What are we supposed to do?”
Basically it was insanity and my principal observed me yelling at my students to “ask three before you ask me” and deny every request until somebody got their work done. So they scattered back to their seats only to get really loud and then start complaining that they don’t know what sort of feedback to give and then getting into arguments about what a positive and negative comment looks like.

My observation did not go well. My principal had no problem giving my an “Unsatisfactory” score and said we could meet tomorrow to discuss what I would need to do to get a “Proficient” score on my official observation that’s coming up after break. Which is bullshit because I haven’t even been getting “needs improvement” rankings. Plus, she observed writing during peer editing! How the fuck am I supposed to have an assessment on peer editing?!

If I do not receive an average of “Proficient” (on a scale of unsatisfactory, needs improvement, proficient, and exemplary) I will not be hired back next year.

Everyone already said that I’ll be RIF’d in March. I have 1 more formal observation and two more informal observations. I’d need to get exemplary across the board. So basically, it’s a week before half the school year and I already don’t have a hope for next year.

Which is also bullshit because I was hired as a long-term sub, anyway! I’m crying now, I have to stop writing.


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