“How Do I Teach My Students to Be Decent Human Beings?” Monday, December 19, 2016

My job is so much more than just teaching literacy and math skills. Because of poor parenting, it is now my job to teach my students how to be decent people. Because I literally can’t teach them literacy and math skills if they’re treating each other the way that they do.

16I have a girl in my class named Hannah who’s just a giant bitch. She’s 8 years old and I feel like she’s one of the worst people I’ve ever met. She’s rude to me, she’s rude to the other students, and she’s not smart. Case in point, today we’re standing in line to go into music and she makes another boy cry. Not by physically harming him, but by saying something so hurtful that it upset the boy and brought him to tears.

I couldn’t get much of what was said out of the boy that cried because he was too upset, but fortunately all the kids in my class love to tell on each other. Apparently the Hannah was bitching about something to another girl in line and the boy gave her the silent signal (basically a polite, nonverbal way to ask somebody to be quiet) and Hannah went off on him telling him to put his fingers away and saying that he can’t tell her to be quiet and then calling him names and making fun of where he lives.

I kept Hannah outside of music to talk to her. I asked her if she was proud of herself for making Azrael cry. First she scoffed, crossed her arms, and refused to make eye contact with me. I insisted that she tell me how she feels about making one of her classmates cry. She gave me an in-genuine “Bad, I guess”  and shook her head like she doesn’t know what feelings are. I came back on this long rant about treating other people with respect which means you never say something that might hurt someone’s feelings.

She doesn’t care. She’s a bitch down to her core. The best I can hope for is that she’ll be careful enough not to get caught.

I feel like you can’t force a child of 7 or 8 to be nice if they’ve already been raised to be mean. People can change, but these kids are really mean to each other. It’s not like I catch a kid starting to show signs of being mean and then intervene, at this point they’re already so far gone that rehabilitating them would require constant lessons on proper ways to treat each other.

Thank God it’s the last week before winter break.



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