“Just Kick Him Out Already!” Wednesday December 14, 2016

enhanced-buzz-6885-1362695712-1I’ve had four students come up and ask me if they could get a clipboard like Tyrese or what they have to do to get one or why he has one and they don’t have one. There should be a negative stigma attached to having a clipboard that tracks a student’s behavior. But I understand the appeal. Tyrese gets “special” treatment because he’s an asshole. Oh, and he is pissing me off this week. Our school does “push-in” and “pull-out” for math and reading. I do not have Tyrese in my reading or math groups, two other teachers track his clipboard. I also don’t have control over Tyrese at lunch or specials. And the reason I’m pissed off is because all week (and most of last week) he “just barely” earns all of his points on his clipboard.

That means that even though he was a total dick to me and I take away points for his behavior, he’s somehow still earning a “special” break at the end of the day to go play with Ms. Baker.

Like, today, he came back from reading with Mrs. Jeffers and I was told that somebody from the office was going to come talk to him because Tyrese punched a kid in the stomach. And as soon as Mrs. Jeffers tells me what Tyrese did, Tyrese flies off the handle screaming, “Nah-I-dinit! Nah-I-dinit! I dinit punch nobody! Why she lying ‘bout stuff I dinit even do?!”

Our semi-assistant principal, Mrs. Walsh came down to pick him up and together they called Tyrese’s mom. And then Tyrese came back to class. That was it. It’s not like Tyrese’s mother has any control over him.

That’s a HUGE problem with our educational system. It used to be the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their children were getting an education. In the old days, a kids punches somebody mom has to come down and take the kid out of school. And the kid will be punished severely by the parent. But nowadays, taking an unruly kid out of school is just reinforcing a kid who hates school. But if that kids is not only responsible for disrupting the education of 20 other kids, but is also causing physical harm to those students, then where’s the line? Do you have any idea how much better all of my students would do if Tyrese wasn’t in my class? How much less they would be distracted and how much more attention I could give?

I hate him. There’s no more hiding or denying it. I hate the fucking kid.


What do you think?

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