“Trust and Respect” Tuesday December 13, 2016

Why is it that in all the movies showing great parents and great teachers that the adults and children are so decent to each other. It’s almost as if the children return the respect that the adults give to the children.

I think I’ve lost all respect for my children. I try, I mean I really try to reset. To give each child, everyday, a fresh slate. To trust them to do as they’re told and not doubt or question their intentions. But I’ve lost that. My students lie, cheat, steal, bully, and will do anything to avoid work if they think they can.

I don’t trust them to do homework. I don’t trust them not to cheat. I don’t trust them that when they ask to go to the bathroom it’s because they really have to go. I can’t even trust them not to steal my stuff when my back is turned.

Why are they like this? I never broke any rules when I was a kid mostly because I was afraid I would get in trouble for it. And if I got in trouble I was afraid of disappointing my mom. But that doesn’t seem to exist in some of my students. True most of them will cry if I threaten to tell their parents about their behavior. But kids like Tyrese are not scared of anything. Mostly because the consequences for doing anything wrong are lame. He’s still gets to go to school, he’ll still pass to the next grade, he can do whatever the fuck he wants and all we can do is continue to support him and give him special treatment and help him succeed in spite of the fact that he’s doing everything he can to prevent us from helping him.

Funniest_Memes_my-parents-spanked-me-as-a-child_2168Would I hit my worst kid if I was allowed to? I think I would. I think I would have him bend over and I would smack his black ass with a large wooden paddle until he’s crying from pain. Then I would ask him if he’s going to continue to fuck off. And I would tell him, if you don’t shape up I’m going to beat you. Now, what do you think he would do? “Oh, well, he’ll only behave now out of fear.” Fine! He doesn’t have any respect for me anyway!

Anway, enough venting. Johnny’s on his way. I think he’s going to spend the night 😉


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