“The Problem with All Staff Meetings” Wednesday, December 7, 2016

fa51ed099eb3f0aba2aaacbf4c7f061cI’m sure there was a time not so long ago when the only way to communicate a message to an entire staff of teachers was to have a meeting with everyone. During those meetings it was probably helpful to point out changes to rules and procedures or important information. However, now that all staff have appointed email addresses all of this information can be delivered electronically, instantly, and more efficiently.

But, Jessica, what about the people that don’t read all of their emails like you?

That’s a good point, however if you’re going to deliver this message again during a staff meeting then I don’t really have to read my emails, do I?

I think I would have time to read my emails if I wasn’t stuck in staff meetings anyway.

We have a whole school staff meeting every Wednesday. It’s supposed to take 1/2 hour, but it never does. Sometimes we have staff meetings before school, too. Those meetings are supposed to take 20 minutes but always go right up until the start of school.

I think that’s what I hate about the meetings the most. Why lie to us and say it will end on time when they never do? Why do they never end on time? Because some teachers can’t shut the fuck up. We have to hear a report from each grade level about what curriculum is being covered and progress on assessments, we talk recognize staff members that did something impressive at work as well as personal announcements (engagements, funerals, etc.) So, basically, 90% of the meeting has nothing to do with me.

I understand that having a job means having to sit through 8555366b8241c8386592da1097f3b8e4meetings, but I really hate these meetings.

There’s also unrealistic expectations placed on us such as having 100% attendance for parent conferences and 90% of our students will increase their test scores by 30%. It’s enough to just laugh it off and say, “yeah, right.”


What do you think?

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