“Why I’ll Never Be Ahead” Sunday December 4, 2016

Bad Papers

I’m taking a break from making flip charts for literacy to bitch about how much work I’ve been doing this weekend. Saturday was pretty much spent grading a math assessment. There’s more to it than just marking the wrong answers. Each question corresponds to a specific standard and every question follows a rubric. For example, one subtraction problem can be worth four points: one point for using a tool such as a number line, one point for showing your work, one point for the correct answer, and one point for labeling unit.

Which means a student can get every question wrong on this test and still end up with a 75% which just happens to be our passing point.

After I grade each question on the rubric I have to come up with three different totals for the three main standards the assessment covered. Then I have to write up a report for every child’s parent because we don’t send these assessments home. The report is a description of what the child did well and what the child needs improvement on.

Then I have to write the scores in my physical grade book and transfer those scores to the online grade book. The online grade book also has me record the three different scores for each standard hit and one final score.

This probably wouldn’t be a big deal if I had fewer students or if my students got 100% on the assessment. But, unfortunately I only had 2 perfect scores.

Most of my time working isn’t on grading, however. Most of my time is spent making flipcharts. Flipcharts are basically fancy Powerpoint presentations. I need a flipchart for every lesson we do. Each flipchart is usually 20 slides that show the pages of a text selection that we read. And I have to input actions that show whatever skill we’re working on. It’s tedious and time-consuming. It takes about an hour to create one lesson that only takes me 15 minutes to teach.

So, yeah. My time is spent.



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