“The Dumbest Advice I’ve Ever Received” Friday December 2, 2016

I had a meeting today after school with Mrs. Baker and my 066252ee1485614379915f6d21e88b7amentor teacher to talk about “how I can make my students more successful in my classroom.”

Basically Mrs. Baker’s advice to me was to lie. Her advice was to say things like, “You seem to be having trouble paying attention, let me help you by moving your seat closer to mine” or “Today you get to be my special helper, which means I need you to help me out by staying in your seat.” Crap like that.

Basically her advice was to be as positive and bubbly as possible.

You wanna know what I did after Tyrese got back to class from wandering in the hallways? I told him straight up how I felt and how his behavior was bullshit.

Me: “Tyrese. You are not treating me with respect today. You’re not listening to my directions and you’ve been breaking the rules. What did I do to you?”

Tyrese: “I’m just upset. I have to go to a funeral this weekend and my shoes hurt my feet…”

Me: “The funeral is very sad and I’m sorry your shoes hurt, but how is any of that my fault? Why are you taking it out on me? Would it be fair if I disrespected you just because my back was hurting me?”

Tyrese: “No…”

And you know what? He shaped up after I called him out on his bullshit. I’m not going to go up to the worst kid in class and make him “my special helper”. The problem is that every kid expects to get special treatment. Baker’s advice is the reason why a kid acts out when he doesn’t feel “special.”

At this point I don’t give a shit if I’m hired back, so fuck her advice I’m sticking to my guns!


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