“I’m Sick. Again.” Wednesday November 30, 2016

MjAxMy0zZmUxZGY4YjZkNjE5NjlmUgh. I feel awful. Clearly some of my students brought back something when they returned from break. And this weather isn’t helping.

I would take a sick day except I don’t feel like writing up sub plans. My plan is to just take a lot of Day-Quil and tough it out. I’d rather take a sick day when I’m well enough to enjoy it.

Besides, I know if I get a sub for tomorrow I’ll wake up and think, “I’m not feeling all that bad, I could’ve went in.” And besides, if I do go in the only people I’ll get sick are my students and I’d love it if a couple of them stayed home.

Why is it that my worst student is always in class?


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