“My Students Actually Missed Me!” Monday November 28, 2016

giphyI did not sleep well last night. I had bad dreams about going back to school, then I was paranoid that I was going to oversleep so I woke up at random hours during the night thinking that I was late for work.

I woke up feeling shitty and that put me in a shitty mood. However, my kids weren’t all that bad today. A lot of them told me how much they missed me during break and they also missed each other.

I know my class is loud, disrespectful, and unproductive but we somehow have developed a little family environment. I think they feel comfortable in my room (too comfortable), and I can imagine that they like feeling as if they belong.

I think we all had a stressful Thanksgiving and were sort of happy to fall back into a comforting routine.



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