“Institute Day” Wednesday November 23, 2016

dd45cdfb7f8267e3fd39428bb9918086Today was a pretty good day. My team and I planned everything up to and after winter break, so that’s exciting. I just have to make a bunch of presentations for stuff and find worksheets and make tests, but at least I know what we’re covering.

The morning of the day was an entire staff meeting for our professional development hours. We broke into groups and had scenarios that we had to solve. For example, our scenario was something about a child has been telling other children about his religious beliefs and telling them that their religion is wrong. We were supposed to come up with an intervention lesson and a preventative lesson to accommodate our scenario. I think the trap was to teach the class about religion. We ended up demoing a lesson on respecting other people’s beliefs. It was actually really cute, and I’ll give credit to our gym teacher—he came up with the idea.

Basically we used folktale like story where the animals of the forest were explaining where the sun went every night. There were three different opinions (my favorite being that the Sun turns into fireflies at night) and first they started arguing with each other. But then the wise owl points out that until somebody can prove or disprove a theory, all theories are valid no matter what you believe.

We got a good reaction from the staff and I think I developed a little crush on our gym teacher. We were flirting through the whole thing. Although he’s wearing a wedding ring and is probably pushing 40.

Anyway, it was nice to have a good day, finally. I feel like I haven’t had a good day in a while.

And now that things are sort of smoothed over between my family I’m hoping Thanksgiving will be fun this year 🙂


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