“Battle of the Bathrooms II” Tuesday November 22, 2016

ecd564c321ebe90a86f62b209330eeaa524e0238ff4d170b91f9e04250e36278I get the feeling that some students are just testing me. Consciously. As if Princess woke up this morning thinking, “my mom spoke to my teacher about letting me go to the bathroom whenever I want. Let’s see if it’s true.”

Because the first thing she did this morning was ask if she could use the bathroom. I left her mom a detailed message explaining that students can’t go during instruction and have to finish their work before they can use the bathroom. In the mornings we have morning work and journaling.

Most students are reluctant to use the bathroom first thing in the morning because then they won’t be allowed to go again until lunch. I don’t think Princess realized this. And since Princess was the first one in and some students were still hanging up their stuff, I told her she could go if she was really fast about it. She went. She wasn’t “fast” per say, but it was tolerable.

Well, sure enough by the time math time rolled around Princess’s “emergency” silent signal shot up. I told her “no.” She asked, “why not?” I said because she already went this morning. She started crying.

That’s right, crying. Like I had just told her that her dog died.

This isn’t the first time that Princess has cried. She cries when she gets in trouble, she cries when someone teases her, she cries when work is too hard for her, she cries when she loses something, she cries when she doesn’t get her way.

Now she’s crying that she doesn’t get to use the bathroom and she’s fully aware of the “once in the morning/once in the afternoon rule” so she has no argument. It’s ridiculous.

I have one boy in my class who has never used the bathroom pass. In fact, this same kid cut open his finger and was bleeding and opted to just wrap a tissue around it instead of going to the nurse. And one time he was dancing around like he had to pee (because that’s what kids do) and even when I asked him if he wanted to go to the bathroom he chose to stay in class.

I suppose if Princess was better about crossing her legs and hopping around like she had to go I might believe her. She doesn’t even use her water bottle.

Hopefully this battle is over for now. Tomorrow is an institute day and then it’s Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday.





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