“Friday Never Felt So Good” Friday November 18, 2016

What a rotten day. I was in a pissy mood all day today. Not only that, but Princess was a total brat. Her attitude was epically bitchy. Anytime the entire class was told to do something she wouldn’t do it. For example, when I asked the class to come to the floor for a literacy lesson she stayed in her seat. I had to ask her specifically to come to the floor and then she gave me an attitude and dragged her stupid ass.

spoiled-bratThen on the floor she didn’t get picked to come to the board to correct a sentence and she seriously started complaining. “I NEVER get picked, God! This is so unfair!” Obviously after that I chose to not choose her at all which made her even more upset.

Then during group work she was yelling at another student because they were honestly arguing about what day of the week it was. That’s right, two 8 year olds completely capable of not only asking me what day of the week it was but they could also look at the calendar which specifically has a label “Today’s date” which includes the day of the week. And it was a furious argument at that. Princess was actually right that today was Friday; the other girl thought it was Thursday. But the way she spoke couldn’t have been bitchier.

“It’s not Thursday, you idiot! It’s Friday! Omigod, you’re so stupid! You seriously don’t know what day it is?”

“No! It’s Thursday! We had gym yesterday so today is Thursday!

Honestly, I didn’t want to interfere but name-calling goes against our classroom rule of respecting each other. I called Princess over to my desk to talk to her. I explained that I understand that she was right about the day of the week and that it was never appropriate to call somebody “idiot” and “stupid.”

She had other moments that made me wish I was allowed to hit children. But I’m so ready for the weekend. I have a shitload of lesson planning to do for next week. I didn’t plan for Thanksgiving so I have to quickly throw in a bunch of Pilgrims and Native American lessons.

On a personal note I got a long message from my mother. Apparently Daryl has been ditching school and that he’s failing all of his classes. Daryl’s also been refusing to stay with his mom and has been spending all of his time at our house. Which means that Lou has been stressed out because his ex-wife is putting all of the pressure of getting Daryl’s life back on track. She said that this week Daryl lied about going back to his mom’s to stay but actually went somewhere else. She doesn’t know where, but now he’s basically on house arrest and isn’t allowed to go anywhere on his own anymore. And for some reason my mom thinks that there’s something I can do about it.


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