“I Think It’s the Other Students…” Thursday November 10, 2016

Grand Avenue 1-14-12If there was anything that was the same about my parent-teacher conferences today it’s that nobody was on time and everybody wanted to blame the other students in the class.

Specifically, Tyrese’s name came up the most. And, no, his mom couldn’t make it in for a conference.

None of the parents were too concerned about their child’s grades because I wasn’t allowed to fail anyway. I told everyone to practice reading at home.

I think the highlight was probably Jamal. Both of Jamal’s parents came in which was pretty cool except that they have three students that attend Beecher and two children that are still too young to attend. I didn’t ask if they had any older children.

Both parents seemed completely exhausted, which is understandable considered they walked in with four kids and a baby. Jamal isn’t a bad student, he just never shuts up. He also doesn’t turn in any homework. Oh, man! You should’ve seen her blow up when I told her that.

“Wait. He gettin’ homework in second grade?!”

Then to Jamal: Jamal! JAMAL! You din’t telled me youse been gettin’ no homework! We you not tellin’ me shit?!”

Then to me: “What you givin’ homework in the second grade for?! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I din’t know he even had homework. I din’t think homework can be given in second grade!

Then to her husband: “Didja know he’s gettin’ homework? Second grade! The woman givin’ homework in second grade!”

Then to her daughter: “Shareesh! (sic) SHAREESH! Ya’ll get homework when you was in second grade?!”

“No, momma.”

Then back to me: “See?! She din’t get no homework in no second grade! What you givin’ out homework for in second grade?! He gotta do this homework? He gonna still pass if he don’t do it? Second grade! Unbelievable.”

First of all, I see why Jamal talks so much. Second of all, I told her that homework will not count against him, but I assured her that if he did do his homework he would get higher scores on his assessments. She sort of scoffed at that comment and apologized. Clearly she was surprised.

The other conferences that showed were not much more productive. Mostly they wanted to complain about the other students in the class. Apparently there’s a lot more bullying going on that I’m aware of.

Also, it’s never been clearer to me that children are products of their parents. The loud kids have loud parents. The quiet kids have quiet parents. The kids that don’t want to be here have parents that didn’t bother to show up.


What do you think?

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